How to act
The screen. A platform. Separating the actual from its possibility. Making everything one sees an image of something else, someone else. A resonance of bodies unable to merge. A distant relation.

The individual is constructed through relations and is therefor in a constant state of becoming. It never is and will always be. It can easily and unnoticed been shifted. By objectifying this relation, one can see it from a distance, as a third person. Identity vanishes, or is at least exchangeable. The act becomes an image, the spectator becomes the actor, and I become you.

By exploring the space in relation to my body, my presence, as well as my body configuration I will extract myself from any verdict in order to become you. Through a ritualistic approach of self-acclaiming I can tran- scend the image of the individual and go beyond physical boundaries to merge, to become. A liaison amoureuse.